A film about the lost Lokomotiv. It's a shame to release this on the 10th anniversary of the tragedy


On September 9, the movie "Heavenly Team" was released - a drama dedicated to the Yaroslavl "Locomotive", which crashed in a plane crash on September 7, 2011. The shooting took place in Yaroslavl, Moscow and Minsk, the consultant was Vyacheslav Fetisov, the music consultant was Mikhail Kozyrev, and famous actors often flashed on the screen.

Explain why none of this saved the film from failure.

The film does not show the players - the plot revolves around the fans, and there are hockey players only on archived videos

"Heavenly Command" begins with an awakening scene. Loko youth hockey player Artyom (Anton Rogachev) realizes that he is late for training, rushes to it amid the groan of his grandmother, the coach-director (Alexei Guskov) forces him to do push-ups as punishment, but the problems do not end there. In the lesson, Artem fights with a partner, for which the coach summons him to the office. There he explains that Tema is an incredibly gifted hockey player, but due to constant mistakes in his behavior, his fate will be decided at the teachers' council.

A film about the lost Lokomotiv. It's a shame to release this on the 10th anniversary of the tragedy

Suddenly, the coach is informed that his wife has had a heart attack. He runs away to the hospital, but before that he informs Artem that tomorrow he planned to Minsk for the opening game of the KHL season - Dynamo against Loko. And to leave not just like that, but to bring a banner instead of a sick fan - the one in which Lokomotiv does not lose. These words have a magical effect on Artyom: he decides to give a damn about the teachers' council and take the banner to Minsk himself instead of the coach who has retired to the hospital. Although Artyom has no money for this, and still against the grandmother.

A film about the lost Lokomotiv. It's a shame to release this on the 10th anniversary of the tragedy

The Adventures of a Young Hockey Player is the main line of the film, which takes about half the time. Others are also the main, but less spelled out characters - Loko administrator Manya (Irina Rozanova), hockey player Kiryukhin's fiancee Julia (Yanina Tretyakova), Barcelona fan (Anna Ukolova), Wanderer fan (Andrey Merzlikin), photographer Volodya (Nikita Volkov). All of them, like Artem, are dragged away from the team from Yaroslavl, but each of them has a difficulty, because of which they may not go to Minsk.

Spoilers follow. If you are going to watch a movie, skip one paragraph. 

As a result, the heroes meet on the same train, sing and have fun, and after a few hours at the station they find out that their dream team crashed on departure from Yaroslavl. But they still reach Minsk and stretch the banner with tears in their eyes. Further - frames with a dedication to "Loko" and the end.

Probably the main disadvantage for those who are going to a movie about that very Lokomotiv is that there is no team in the film. The players appear either in archive footage of KHL matches (10-second fragments when Manya, Artem, a photographer or other fans remember how they drowned Loko from the stands), or in mourning portraits two minutes before the end. The rest of the time, prototypes of the deceased hockey players are shown exclusively from the back - even in scenes of meeting their wives or at the moment when they propose. We also hear their voice, but in reality it is, of course, an actor's voice acting.

It turns out that the film, which in its title hints that it is about the same team and the tragedy, is not at all about Lokomotiv. It is about the fans.

A film about the lost Lokomotiv. It's a shame to release this on the 10th anniversary of the tragedy

This is not a problem, because many high-quality films have been shot about the fans. Moreover, it is not necessary to slide into the topic of hooligans (fan films are mainly about them), it is enough just to add a sports component to the drama. For example, "The Richard Jewell Case" about the terrorist attack at the 1996 Olympics (directed by Clint Eastwood) is never a sports movie, and not even a single athlete is in the frame, but without a connection with sports, nothing would have happened.

Heavenly Team is not Richard Jewell, Yashin, or even Streltsov. She reached the level of the maximum to the low-budget "Match TV" movies, which Natalya Bilan was very proud of.

Problem 1. The film does not pull on drama: the plot is sucked from the finger, and all the experiences of the characters are created from nothing

First, the film has no genre.

A film about the lost Lokomotiv. It's a shame to release this on the 10th anniversary of the tragedy

This is not a sport - there are only archival footage from there. Not adventures - it seems, if you look only at Artyom's line, but there are fewer unexpected turns and intrigues in it than in the elections. Not a comedy - separate remarks like playing with an Armenian accent - something from the repertoire of comedies with Mikhail Kokshenov. For example: “Just walk like a bear. Not a bear (shows a bear), but a bear (shows a mouse). Or “What Ashot? The train to Baku leaves a different path. "

The poster says that "Heavenly Team" is a drama, but there is almost no drama in it.

(next - spoilers again. Skip seven paragraphs if you don't want to see them) 

Here is the most textured line - youth hockey player Artyom: ran away from his grandmother's house, climbed into the coach's office through the window for a banner, arrived in a freight carriage to Moscow, beat off a banner from a homeless person, lost a backpack with documents, got into the police, took a train to Minsk ... It's just boring to watch. Delivery of a banner to a match, no matter how pretentious words the coach says about it at the beginning, is so-so intrigue, and the escape from grandmother will only impress TNT spectators in front of elementary school.

A film about the lost Lokomotiv. It's a shame to release this on the 10th anniversary of the tragedy

What do the other lines offer? The coach's wife, who had a heart attack, immediately comes to her senses, the coach calms down and disappears until the end of the film to appear in it a couple of times for 30 seconds in a carriage with fans.

The Mani administrator's problem is the fear of flying. She denotes this with a couple of remarks in the first 15 minutes, then she just gets on the train to Moscow, from there - on the train to Minsk.

A fan of Barcelona is not let go by children (two remarks in the style of “Mom, are the team dearer to you than us?”) - then she also gets on the train.

For the same reason, the Wanderer fan is nailed by his wife (one scene), he does not answer and goes to the station.

A film about the lost Lokomotiv. It's a shame to release this on the 10th anniversary of the tragedy

The photographer is just happy that he was sent to the match.

Where is the drama here? She appears only at the moment when the fans find out about the death of the team, but all the director came up with was just to drive the camera over the stunned faces for a minute. Next is the end of the film.

Problem 2. A myth is built around Lokomotiv, but I don't want to worry about the team

Secondly, it is not clear from the film why the fans love Lokomotiv so much.

It would seem that the drama does not work - shoot about fan love, which is stronger than religion. For the sake of which Barcelona leaves the children at home, for the sake of which Artyom abandons his grandmother, for the sake of which the Wanderer is ready to divorce his wife. Why was that Loko squad adored? The film does not answer this question.

More precisely, it tries, but nothing comes of it. Hockey players are kind of designated as good knights. For example, the entire staff gives the administrator Mana a clock for the anniversary. For soulfulness, the action takes place on dark ice in the center of the arena, during the presentation, the entire squad in full uniform hits the ice with clubs. Perhaps this moment will impress the most sentimental, but in fact it is an ordinary thing, which is shown pathetic and implausible.

A film about the lost Lokomotiv. It's a shame to release this on the 10th anniversary of the tragedy

Another moment: the team comes to the hospital to the girl who got the puck in the face. Each player, leaving the ward, demonstratively wishes Vika to recover. Again the pathos (in sports, hundreds of athletes every season visit the sick and donate millions to charity) and implausibility (well, why the whole team?).

In the middle of the film, the recovered Vika (also a fan of Loko) will help Artyom get on the train to Minsk and the following dialogue will happen between them: “This is for Loko, not for someone else. Have you seen them? " - "I saw" - "And they are always like that."

A film about the lost Lokomotiv. It's a shame to release this on the 10th anniversary of the tragedy

As a confirmation of “such”, the director shows a 10-second fragment of Josef Vasicek giving a sweater to a wheelchair fan. Artem Rebrov and Dmitry Kombarov regularly donated play uniforms to fans and took pictures with disabled people, Georgy Dzhikia paid for a hundred hot meals for pensioners, Daniil Kulikov helped a dog shelter. Or are they also "like this"? Generally speaking, interacting with fans and donating to charity is a normal practice.

After this moment, it seems even stronger that the director is trying to knock out sympathy for the team with cheap methods (if you constantly show a hungry dog with broken paws or a child from an orphanage - of course, you sympathize with them, but the film should consist of something more) and molds a myth ( fragments with a sweater or a visit to the hospital - couldn't you find something more solid?)

When fans find out about the death of the team, they really want to sympathize. But it doesn't work: how to cry, or at least get a lump in your throat, if in 80 minutes you were shown templates three times from the back, as if from FIFA-2005 - without characters and volumetric characteristics? All that can be said about the players based on the scenes with them: they are kind.

A film about the lost Lokomotiv. It's a shame to release this on the 10th anniversary of the tragedy

The film tries to humanize the hockey players, focusing for a few minutes on four - Alexander Kalyanin, Nikita Klyukin, Sergei Ostapchuk and Andrei Kiryukhin. The viewer is shown their acquaintance with their wives, the period of the relationship, the moment of the proposal, but all this takes place in a slideshow format - 15 seconds per event. What does the proposal made on the shore of the lake next to the carriage say about a person? And what - a promise to buy an expensive watch as a gift if the team gets into the playoffs? Probably showing kindness again. The players were not endowed with other qualities.

Some moments remain incomplete at all. For example, in the first five minutes, the coach notices Artyom's dirty hand. Asks why the young man does not wash. He replies that he washes, just that Galimov shook this hand, so he does not wet it for many days. The last name of Galimov in the film does not pop up at all. Who is this? Why doesn't the person wash their hand after his handshake? There are not even hints.

A film about the lost Lokomotiv. It's a shame to release this on the 10th anniversary of the tragedy

In the final, of course, it hurts from the tragedy, but it never becomes clear: why was that “Loko” madly loved? Why even the Moscow police, having learned that Artyom is a fan of the Yaroslavl people, tear up the protocol and release him from the police station? Most likely, the answer is known in Yaroslavl, but the film was shot for all of Russia. How can a viewer from Tyumen, Sochi and Moscow find out about the reasons for love?

If someone thinks that only Hollywood knows how to bring the hero closer to the audience, this is absolutely not the case. In "Doctor Lisa," a complex heroine in two hours was turned into one who cannot but empathize - without a single death and showing just one day in her life. In the less popular Has Anyone Seen My Girlfriend? Abuser, drug addict and film critic Sergei Dobrotvorsky dies of an overdose in about 80 minutes, but you sympathize with him, because he is shown as a person, and not as a stencil. Even Sarik Andreasyan learned to create characters: in "Earthquake" the characters are not just dolls buried under the rubble of houses, but characters with a microcosm.

Problem 3. Acting and music fail

Thirdly, the film from the first seconds resembles cheap melodramas on "Russia-1".

Administrator Manya (Irina Rozanova) seemed to mix up the shooting and played the role of the Jewish mother from "Odessa" Todorovsky - comedy dialect, caricature sayings, village pressure. Her partners in the starting minutes (workers of the ice rink) are just as ridiculous. Here is a line in the direction of Mani, a semi-alk, who operates the filling machine: “We could stir something up together! Do you know how much depends on me? I can influence victories. " Surely he didn't escape the Enchanted Plot extras?

The fan Georginych resembles the man from the "Sealex" advertisement in appearance, and his behavior resembles the crazy grandfathers from films like "Crimean Bridge". For some reason, Russian filmmakers often think that listening to the stream of consciousness from the elderly is ridiculous. But it still looks pathetic.

A film about the lost Lokomotiv. It's a shame to release this on the 10th anniversary of the tragedy

Photographer Volodya portrays the joy of going to the Loko match, and shyness in front of Vyacheslav Fetisov approximately the way each of us would depict her - absurd and timid. It is precisely what he plays with emotions, and does not live by them, which is why you don’t believe him at all.

The scene of the meeting of the hockey players' wives in the bar is a separate krinzh. The girls talk as if they are attending the theater entrance, and the scriptwriter (who is also the director) slips them such remarks: "Serezha and I will part just for a couple of days" - "Don't part with your loved ones!"

Because of the weak script, even big actors look trite, and such dialogues arise: "Why are you Barcelona?" - “Yes, the first trip was to Barcelona, I was so excited there. Why are you a Wanderer? " “I don’t know myself. Friends said that he was strange, here is the Wanderer. "

From the credits, it turned out that each character had a prototype. Often a person and his on-screen incarnation strongly coincided in appearance, but it turned out to be more difficult to play for real.

Vyacheslav Fetisov, a consultant of the "Heavenly Team", played the best against the background of professionals. He worked for two minutes, without leaving the image of an official and TV presenter of "Zvezda", but made it so that you believe him: well, yes, this is a natural Fetisov.

A film about the lost Lokomotiv. It's a shame to release this on the 10th anniversary of the tragedy

It also gives off cheapness because of the musical background - it accompanies most of the scenes. Artem is late for training - exciting music. Kiryukhin's bride is arguing with her mother, discussing the first match of the season - sad music. The coach scolds Artyom in the office - semi-official and neutral. With music, the director seems to be trying to retouch the failed scenario and the weak acting of the actors, adding drama, intensifying emotions. It only turns out worse: there is a hack-work, including in the music itself, which seems to have been pulled into the libraries of free samples (the film's composer is Yaroslav Timofeev, who wrote the music for The Man from Podolsk).

A film about the lost Lokomotiv. It's a shame to release this on the 10th anniversary of the tragedy

During the credits, surprise only intensifies: the film's musical consultant is Mikhail Kozyrev. It is doubly strange that the ideologue of Nashe Radio, Invasion and Negolubogo Ozyok advised such a thing. Although in several places Kozyrev is still guessed. For example, when Artyom is gluing a wound right on the street, the background is “The World Thrown by God” from “Time Machine”, when he climbs through the window into the school - “Bear” from “Mumiy Troll”, when he fights with a homeless person - “Young Lions” from “ Underwood ". A good choice for a 2005 movie or an event, but not for Sky Team.

By the way, in the final, over the archival photos with the real Loko, “We and You” from Alsou and Basta plays - also a so-so choice.

Other oddities: whipping up trouble, church views, going into the clouds

Throughout the film, the heroes recall several times about the forum, which was held in Yaroslavl in those days. Obviously, we are talking about a world political forum under the auspices of the president. According to one of the conspiratorial versions, he indirectly caused the tragedy. At the airfield they were waiting for Dmitry Medvedev's plane to land, the pilots of the Yak-42 with the Loko hockey players were ordered to take off immediately from half of the runway (the other was blocked), they acted in a hurry. The plane did not pick up the required speed and fell directly behind the strip.

A film about the lost Lokomotiv. It's a shame to release this on the 10th anniversary of the tragedy

In the film, this version does not sound, people just say: "Forum!" What for?

The ending of the film is known to almost all viewers, but this is not enough for the creators. From the first minutes they leave clues so that especially sensitive ones gasp: "Well, the holy father did not have time to consecrate the team, that's why it crashed." The atmosphere of tragedy and imminent departure to heaven is also created visually: Manya sanctifies a form with holy water, a church is visible outside the window of her train, a church is also visible outside the window of the Wanderer's apartment, a camera in Yaroslavl invariably hovers above the monastery.

A film about the lost Lokomotiv. It's a shame to release this on the 10th anniversary of the tragedy

A few months before the release, the creators were criticized for the poster: on it, hockey players climb the ladder into the clouds. They joked on the Internet: "There is not enough tagline" health for the dead ", but everything is ok, of course" or "For training to the heavenly Tarasov and Kharlamov (sorry, I didn't want to)." There is an almost identical scene in the film: before the credits, the Loko players line up on the ice and drive to the far side, behind which there are clouds. In them, hockey players disappear.

A film about the lost Lokomotiv. It's a shame to release this on the 10th anniversary of the tragedy

Next, posters and the names of the victims appear on the screen in turn - the most heartbreaking scene. It is a pity that for her sake I had to watch 90 minutes.

Photo: stills from the movie "Heavenly Command"