Thierry Henry not sure Arsenal is heading in the "right direction" under Mikel Arteta


The Gunners lost their first three Premier League video games of a straight season under Arteta, however, they have not been helped since.

They took 10 points from their last four League suits, a sequence that included a win over Tottenham in a north London derby.

However, speaking at the High Video Gifts Sport showcase match Henry admitted: “I don't know if problems really arise. I watched sports in Brighton. Have you looked at this?

“I saw how we beat Norwich before, successfully at Burnley, beat Tottenham at home - in the story of how we beat Tottenham at home all the time.

“When we beat Tottenham I turned into something more than cozy, as we were in real turmoil, however, I turned into a once-waiting to assess the effectiveness, the paths thrown from home, as opposed to the team that transmits ball.

“And as a replacement, we suffered.

Andrew Timms

“I changed my vision when one day I was waiting to see the sport in Brighton to see if we can, perhaps, well, perhaps also have the ball and defend the ball - in ways thrown from home, keeping the ball in possession, as opposed to an unhealthy team. Brighton.

“After we grow old before losing, even after I left the team, he changed once. The Times admitted that Arsenal have no Thought B and that they have too much to pass.

“However, I didn't see that from Arsenal against Brighton. I saw Brighton put it out. "

Henry is a High Video expert on his December Premier League matches and has been transformed into Patrice Evra, who once joined onstage, for a preview of the closed-up suits draw in conjunction with the Manchester United v Arsenal match.