A blow for Arsenal as Granit Jaka is out for three months with injury


The midfielder limped during Sunday's 3-1 match at Emirates Stadium and Arsenal claims he "seriously injured the medial ligament of the knee."

Jaka is no longer sick. Surgery is required.

In addition to an upright knee injury during Sunday's match against Tottenham Hotspur, evaluations and scans have confirmed that Granite Jaka seriously injured his medial knee ligament, Arsenal confirmed. Webpage.

A specialist consultation took place on a web site in London on Tuesday evening, which made sure Granite no longer required surgical modeling.

The Granite Restoration and Rehabilitation Program will be launched right now, and we aim to keep it in operation in about three months.

“All people in the membership will now support Granite and work with him to gain his support in the field. As fast as you might think. "